Define your life!

Logo PNGLife is full of vanity, always be mindful.
Life is always pregnant with sorrows and happiness, ups and downs, successes and failures, it delivers any of the aforementioned in any house hood it chooses to, without fear or favour.
Life is that book you must read, whether you are lettered or not.
Life is one course that majorities of us have failed and continue to fail to understand.
Life is one ‘simple’ examination that majorities have failed and will continue to woefully.
Life a war none of us can win it without wisdom from the Supreme living being.
Life is a pendulum, it swings freely to any direction, its your duty to balance it.
Life is that structure which you the architects design, what you design is what you see.
Life is no respecter of any individual, be prepare for it embarrassment.
Life cant be forever owned by any mortal being, your period of ownership is numbered.
Life is the defination you give it, define your life now!

Thanni Kamil Opeyemi

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